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Kids of Pastors

Their place to rant and ramble

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This community is a place for people who are the kids (of all ages) of pastors (or preachers, or any other religious equivalent) to do whatever.

Basically, if you have ever been the child of a pastor, at any time in your life, this is the place for you.

Currently this is an add-your-self community! So feel free to join!

This is a place to:
-Talk about experiences!
-Vent about situations!
-Post random things connected to the topic!
-Say things that are on your mind

This isn't a place to:
-Hold extensive religious discussions, or have religious flame wars. I thought about this aspect, but decided that since my intent for this community was not to be about religion, but rather those who ended up spending a lot of time around churches based on their parents jobs, I decided to exclude it. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy it, this just isn't the place for it.

Trust me, a better community description will follow. I just need to write it!

This community is maintained by chia_rhino. Please direct all comments, complaints, and cheers to her!