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May. 26th, 2006 @ 05:40 am PK from Manila
Hello, I'm really glad to have found this community as I've been searching the whole week. I've tried "pastor's kid"; "preacher's kid", "missionary kid" "mk" "pk". I never thought about adding an "s" so I tried "pks" and gotcha! Below is an honest description of me as a PK.

My name is Chase, I'm 22 years, from Manila Philippines. Both my parents graduated from Bible School and have been pastors since I was born. They're currently assigned as missionaries to Thailand. My family's been under quite a few denominations but I always considered myself to be Southern Baptist because of the great music and outgoing personality of the church as a whole. I secretly hated disliked it when we became conservative Baptists (you know, the kind that only sings hymns and forbids drums and even a church band that plays contemporary Christian music or bans Sandi Patty on account of her divorce).

Like most PKs, I was active at church at a very young age, playing the piano and singing for the church band. Went to youth camps like True Love Waits (I sadly broke my vow at 17) and peformed at yearly cantatas. I made my parents proud by graduating first in class from first grade until high school, never smoked, never drank, never did drugs. I kind of liked who I was and everybody saw me as the perfect PK. (Please note that I am speaking in the past tense). Now, we all know that PK's have a dark side and, of course, I have one, too.

I hope we all get to know each other well. I know that no one else can understand what a PK goes through more than another PK.

God bless y'all!

BTW, please feel free to friend me.
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